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Puzzle Games

Played 1135 times
Complete each puzzle to earn a new hot hentai sex scene. Good luck and have fun!
Played 572 times
Answer the questions correctly to strip the girl down naked.
Played 885 times
A great hentai quiz game, 9.57M. please be patient to load the game.
Played 720 times
It is easy, just read the question and select your answer. It is multiple choice with 4 options. If you get the answer right you get a pi...
Played 2511 times
Does this seem to you as an easy memory game? Wrong! This one is pretty challenging. You must find all pairs within only one minute and y...
Played 433 times
None yet.
Played 1199 times
This is another Bleach Hentai Quiz. Your task is the same as usual, you are asked a question and you just need to use your mouse to click...
Played 1242 times
You are asked a question and you just need to use your mouse to click on the answer. If your answer is correct, you will get bleach henta...
Played 356 times
Test your concentration by following the blue ball as it makes its way from cup to cup.
Played 425 times
You are given 12 questions, your aim is to answer all of the correctly to unlock a hand-drawn DragonBall Z hentai comic (18 pages total)....
Played 1291 times
nother one of those hentai quiz. You have to answer the all questions right to see some hentai.
Played 401 times
A 'Dead Or Alive' hentai quiz!
Played 708 times
Classic solitaire casino card game with hot naked chicks, line up the cards from ace to king to win.
Played 419 times
Agent Simens the FBI officer wants to see if you know the difference between a pussy and a peace of meat get a good test score and prove ...
Played 565 times
Help the nerd king by collecting sexy nude hentai anime pictures of girls.
Played 934 times
Pick the right letters to guess the word and strip the sexy girls naked.
Played 310 times
After being shown a picture of a sexy naked hentai anime girl you will be asked questions to proceed.
Played 1166 times
Not the scary maze ...The hentai maze ... Just win and watch more and more sexy hentai babes !!!
Played 355 times
Great, high quality hentai puzzle game!
Played 2404 times
Answer difficult questions from the anime Naruto to get sexy naked hentai anime pictures as reward.
Played 546 times
Move the pieces around and drop them in the right spot to lock them down and reveal the hot girl.
Played 823 times
Select one of ten puzzles, move them around to reveal hot cute hentai anime chicks get the bonus pictures.
Played 1235 times
Place the puzzle pieces into the correct slots to reveal sexy cute naked hentai anime girls.
Played 456 times
Select a kinky hentai puzzle place the pieces from the pile and put them together to finish the picture.
Played 523 times
Finish each of the puzzles to get key numbers and claim your bonus porno prize.
Played 897 times
Answer questions about sex to see hot naked hentai anime girls.